Saturday, May 25, 2013

Guess Who Graduated

It is hard to believe Elise is going to kindergarten this fall! It has been a big year for her already - lost two teeth, first trip to Disney - and now kindergarten. Faith Lutheran Preschool has been such a blessing in our lives. Elise has attended since she was a baby and several of her friends have been there that long as well. She has had the most loving teachers and has received wonderful education, both academically and regarding Christ's love for her and others.

Last night Elise had preschool graduation. The ceremony was so sweet. The kids marched in to some Star Wars song. Then, they each climbed an orange slide, said where they were attending kindergarten and what they wanted to be when they grew up, then slid through hula hoop of streamers. It was an adorable send off.

Congratulations Elise!

With most of her class before the ceremony

The march!

Before the ceremonious slide

Congrats from Lilah

Happy Graduate (with a gap tooth smile)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dreams Came True

I think Elise first asked to go to Disney World when she was around 3. She waited patiently for 2 and half years, and I think she would say it was worth the wait. After a VERY long car ride, we arrived in Orlando. The week went fast, but we savored every moment. Elise LOVED meeting the princesses and especially enjoyed the 'Enchanted Tales with Belle' and Rocky Mountain Thunder Railroad.  Lilah's favorite activity was the new 'Under the Sea' ride. She got to ride three times straight with her Daddy! Here are some of our favorite pictures.
Elise holding a baby alligator

Lilah and Nana with the alligator

Elise before her special dinner with Cinderella and her family

Family photo in Magic Kingdom

Elise had a thing for Gaston - 'He's handsome!' she said

Hugs with Rapunzel

The girls LOVED their Nana and Papa J time

Chip and Dale's Sing-A-Long and Movie Night

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 - A Picture Review

Looking back on 2012, it was a rather peaceful year in the Erwin household. We had no major life milestones in our immediate family (babies, houses, vacations, etc.), but we welcomed our nephew Caleb into our family, Elise turned a whole hand old, and we enjoyed a few mini-vacations around Indiana. Here are just a few photo highlights of the year. 

Elise and her friends see 'Princesses on Ice' - Elise's desire to go to Disney World grows

We continued to explore Columbus, IN - a hidden gem! They have a wonderful indoor playground - great for cold winter days!

I was experiencing seasonal effectiveness disorder - I took very few winter photos. In the spring, Lilah enjoyed her first independent ice cream cone

Elise and Wes attend the Boys and Girls Club Daddy-Daughter dance


Elise's end of the year singing program at school

Katherine June turns 2! Train party!

As Lilah learned to say more words, she and Elise became friends

Mother's Day! Elise's hair is constantly in her face, so I briefly gave her bangs

Father's Day in French Lick

Elise's first horse ride
The girls visit Nana and Papa J and explore Fort Wayne
Swim lessons - Lilah has no fear!

Elise conquers her fear of 'wet eyes' and learns to swim under water

Lilah June turns 2!

Elise attends her first church camp

Lilah develops opinions - a lot of them - this one is 'I don't want my picture taken!'
Colton turns 1!

Fall traditions continue - Apple Works

Freeman Family Farm

Pumpkin carving party

Daddy-daughter costumes at Halloween

Unicorn Lilah

Elise turns five!

Winter tradition - Christmas tree farm
We build our first snowman (we should have waited a week for the blizzard. Our snow man is buried in other snow now!)


Friday, December 7, 2012

I love December!

December is such a magical time of year. It is a wonderful time of remembering our Savior's entrance into this world. And it is filled with special music, wonderful food, parties, and on and on. Having children absolutely keeps the magic of the time of year alive. The girls are having such fun with all the festivities. We decided to do an Advent activity each night after dinner. The activity is small - a craft, a treat, a story, but it is something to look forward to do each evening as a family. The girls, especially Elise, are very into it, and I had such fun brainstorming and planning each evening's activity. Here are a few pictures from our December so far. 
Hot Cocoa at Twin H Tree Farm
Choosing out trees with the Arnolds

Some of the Advent activities - ornaments, snowflakes, and Build that Snowman - Cooties style (the game)

I just love Lilah's snowman - melted apparently - it has been a warm December

Hot chocolate bar night - toppings included peppermint, Crunch bar pieces (still eating our Halloween candy), and marshmallows